Wheels down

During winter break I did everything I could to keep my mind off the coming semester and tried to focus on everything else I could fill my time with. A week before leaving I was forced to focus on what I would need and what I would do once I got there. After an afternoon spent organizing and packing I was ready to go. Once I was within a week of my flight I was antsy to leave, eager to start the semester and make new friends.

To pack I used one duffle bag large enough to fit jackets unfolded and a travel backpack. Compartmentalizing my clothes into smaller bags made it easy to save space and organize my clothes. Using this method I was easily able to pack all the clothes I needed for 4 months into those two bags.

Landing in The Netherlands the first thing I noticed was that everyone seemed to be organized and fast paced. Like a nest of ants; everyone was in orderly lines, moving with purpose and direction. This was at first intimidating trying to fit in, after some observation it was easy to follow the other people that all seemed to know where they were going.

Once I got my carry-on it was time for me to take the train into the city center then take the metro to my hotel. Navigating the dutch metro system and buying a ticket was at first intimidating, again though the Dutch have their systems well setup. Using google maps I was able to find the correct route and easily buy my ticket from the computer kiosk.

The whole process of getting from the airport to my hotel by myself was far easier than I expected it to be. The Dutch are well set up for international visitors.

I am ecstatic to meet the other students in my orientation group. I enjoy talking with people and getting to know people better, this will be a great time for that. Along with meeting new people I am also excited to get a better handle of the city and find my way around a foreign place. From first touching down at the airport I have a sense that am about to have the time of my life.

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