Skills for a Changing Future

My recent classes at Umass have been on business. Especially in a major like accounting, there is a focus on the highly technical side of the job. I have felt at times lost in the weeds and fail to see how I can apply the skills I am learning. Being here I have gotten the chance to take classes outside of my major. Taking classes in political science has given me a better perspective of how I can apply my skills. I have seen a lack of crossover between political understanding, in-depth financial and accounting skills. This crossover is where I would like to find my niche.

Along with political science classes I am also in an information and data science class. This class centered around the programming language python has given me a chance to learn another very valuable skill. Within the next 20 years, many white-collar jobs based around data and information are going to get replaced. Changed due to the prevalence of artificial intelligence. Soon many of the skills that were once in high demand are going to be obsolete. As computer programs will be faster and more efficient making fewer errors than humans. This requires a pivot in learning by students coming out of college. As my generation goes to work we will need to have the skills to solve new programs and create our own AI.

The combination of political science and data science along with the accounting skills I already have made me feel prepared for work in the private or public sector. My career goals have shifted from maximizing my earnings in the private sector to wanting to positive change and impact within the public one. I credit political science classes and exposure to different perspectives for giving me the ownness of responsibility to create positive change.

My professor at the University of Amsterdam has given me a better idea of why data science and python are important. Professor Chit Amir, having grown up coding assembly language with paper and pencil before ever getting a chance to program on a computer. Is a strong advocate of the advantages of open-source programming. Citing the advantages of transparency and honesty giving dedicated users a chance to alter and improve the programs they use every day. Professor Amir has done a great job of simplifying complex programming terminology and has helped me learn a lot about python.

View from 6th floor of the Amsterdam Public Library

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